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Samurai Katana Umbrella

Samurai Katana Umbrella

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Introducing the epitome of style and heritage: KatanaUmbrella. Crafted with precision and inspired by the revered Japanese katana, our umbrellas seamlessly blend tradition with contemporary flair. Elevate your rainy day ensemble with our distinguished umbrellas featuring handles reminiscent of the iconic katana sword. Each umbrella is a testament to the rich heritage of Japan, meticulously designed to reflect the artistry and craftsmanship of centuries past.
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How do I set up my BoozeBracket?

It's SIMPLE! All you have to do is take the BoozeBracket out of the shipping box and just set it wherever you please.

Is the BoozeBracket durable?

Yes! The BoozeBracket is made of Aluminum and welded in place, then primed and painted the desired color.

What if my BoozeBracket breaks?

First, head to our Contact Us page. If your BoozeBracket breaks within three months of purchase then we will send you another one FREE! But, if it breaks after three months you might have to purchase another but we may be able to apply a discount.

How can I return the BoozeBracket?

Most of the time (depending on the situation); we will not except returns of the BoozeBracket. But, you can contact us through the Contact Us page and we will let you know!